Halo 3 concept artwork of a ship landing

[Update]: The legendary Halo 3 has made its way to PC alongside numerous technical improvements

After an extremely successful beta test that saw around 350,000 players face off against each other, Halo 3 is now just about ready for its PC debut! According to the newest update, you can expect Halo 3 to join The Master Chief Collection on PC this July 14th!

Just to help you get into the proper mood, the developers have also released a brief teaser trailer. Have a little peek, it's a rather nostalgic one:

Much like the previous Halo games, the PC version of Halo 3 will come with support for 4K resolution and 60+ FPS, fully customizable keyboard and mouse support, as well as variety of technical upgrades. That last part is particularly interesting as the Halo 3 team has spent a considerable amount of time getting things just right for PC version, so if you're curious about some of the technical details, you should check out the recent developer update.

If you're just in it for the games, however, it's also worth mentioning that The Master Chief Collection will be 20% off on Steam until July 9th. So if you're planning to grab it for Halo 3, this would be a pretty good time to do so, especially since you can already start with the first two games.

Either way, you can learn more about Halo and The Master Chief Collection over at the official website.