Ciri and Geralt playing a bit of Gwent

CDPR has never been afraid of digging deep into Gwent and changing its very fundamentals if they were found to be problematic. They changed how weather functions multiple times, they created entirely new archetypes, they reworked factions from the ground up, and now they're reshuffling the overall power level of cards.

The value of Bronze cards has gone significantly up, previously useless archetypes such as Norther Realms Armor or Scoia'Tael Mulligan are now genuinely powerful, and perhaps most importantly of all, Gold cards are no longer immune to damage and lock effects! As you might imagine, this has brought with it a significant shift in how Gwent's played as previously powerful Round 3 finishers are now easily dealt with, while more tempo-orientated decks are finding it harder to get punished for over-extension. Whether this is going to end up being good or bad, I must admit I have no idea, but its certainly an interesting period in Gwent's development!

There are simply far too many changes for me to cover in brief, so if you're interested in the full patch notes I would recommend you head over to the Gwent website. The website is unfortunately useless when it comes to highlighting what exactly the new cards are all about, so if you're looking for just that you should head over to Reddit. Have fun, and make sure to prepare for an onslaught of Scoia'Tael decks!

Poor Flanking Infantry artwork from Gwent card game

Poor Flanking Infrantry is now back!