Gwent official artwork and logo for Thronebreaker

[Update]: CDPR is working on a new singleplayer-focused card game adventure based on Gwent - project Golden Nekker.

Gwent's singleplayer campaign Thronebreaker was supposed to arrive in the ancient times of 2016, but due to some unfortunate issues it ended up being delayed for a while. Since then Gwent has received numerous large updates and even undergone a massive rework, but Thronebreaker was still nothing more than a whisper in the wind. As such, I hope you can realize just how demoralized people were when CDPR announced that not only will Thronebreaker's release date be pushed back yet again, but that Gwent itself will be redesigned for the second time.

While all that faffing around was definitely annoying, I am glad to say that the long wait is now finally over as Gwent's absolutely gigantic Homecoming update has arrived alongside the Thronebreaker singleplayer campaign. Perhaps most importantly of all, both have ended up being pretty damn good despite their troubled development!

I'll reserve my full judgement on Thronebreaker once I'm actually finished with it and ready to write a review, but so far I have to say I'm genuinely impressed with what CDPR has done. Not only has Thronebreaker managed to keep card-based gameplay entertaining for around 30 hours now, but it has also managed to accompany it with some of the best written and voice acted RPG storytelling I've experienced these past few years. It has some flaws, most notably when it comes to the whole resource management systems given that it rarely feels like you're missing out on materials, but for a card game/RPG hybrid I feel like Thronebreaker has done quite an admirable job.

But enough babbling from me! If you're wondering what Thronebreaker looks like in gameplay terms, as well as what the story is all about, allow me to share with you the recently posted trailer. Have a peek:

To learn more about Thronebreaker, as well as Gwent's massive Homecoming update, you should head on over to the official website. And just for good measure, allow me to leave you with one of the lengtheir developer walkthroughs. The video obviously contains some spoilers for the early-game, but it will also give you a pretty good idea of just what Thronebreaker has to offer. Enjoy!