Ciri and Geralt playing some Gwent - artwork

If you're getting close to your season goal in Gwent, you might want to start pushing a little bit harder as the current Ranked Play season is set to end next week. To more specific, the season will be ending on Monday, October 30th at 12pm CET.

Outside of the top 1000 custom portraits and border, all of the rewards will be distributed according to your season high. So if you've just reached a new rank, feel free to continue playing as you risk to lose absolutely nothing. As for what exactly the rewards are, you can find out by going to the options tab in-game. Its not exactly the most elegant or obvious place to store such information, but at least the rewards are pretty damn good for the effort involved!

While this hasn't officially been confirmed, you can also expect a massive patch to arrive alongside the season's end. There are going to be some major balance changes, most likely to redistribute the power in Skellige and Monsters factions, as well as ~20 new cards to play around with. The artwork for some of these new cards has already been revealed, but their effects still remain shrouded in mystery.

There will also be a Halloween event of some sort, though again, not much is known outside of it involving Vampires and Toussaint. Once more information gets revealed I'll make sure to cover it, but for now I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait.

Gwent new card from Skellige featuring a blond girl and her bear