The Witcher 3's Geralt and Ciri playing a bit of Gwent

Gwent's second Faction Challenge launched a couple of days ago, pitting Nilfgaard and Monsters players against each other in an effort to earn a fancy new character border. While the idea itself was solid, the overwhelming popularity of Nilfgaard and the fact that the loser gains basically nothing meant that the challenge was over before it even began.

Since the Faction Challenge was supposed to be about faction loyalty and friendly competition, I am very glad to say that CDPR has now issued a much-needed fix. Under the new rules, if the faction you supported wins the challenge you will receive its character border and 100 Meteorite Powder. On the other hand, if you dedicate yourself to the losing faction and contribute at least 30 wins, you will get the losing faction's character border but no Meteorite Powder!

This might not sound like much of a fix, but it's actually quite brilliant. Not only does it give players a chance to receive their faction's character border in the case they end up losing the popularity contest, but it also gives the less numerous faction a fighting chance as those players are more likely to contribute 30 wins in order to secure their border. In other words, a Nilfgaard victory might not be as certain as it seemed at first hand!

The second Faction Challenge will last until 2pm CET on February 1st, so you should have plenty of time to gather 30 wins with your favorite faction. That said, just make sure you do so in the Casual, Ranked, or Pro Ladder game modes as only those will count towards your score, for obvious reasons. Good luck!