Guild Wars 2 Flame and Frost episode artwork

[Update]: After nearly a decade, Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 1: Flame and Frost has now returned!

The original Living World Season 1 updates were never designed to be replayed, and so once each of the episodes was over all of their content and storylines would simply disappear. Needless to say, this ended up being quite a problem over the years as some of the main characters and plotlines ended up having their introductions removed from the game entirely, thus leaving new players in a very awkward position.

A whole decade has gone by since then, but I'm happy to say that ArenaNet has now finally decided to bring back all of Living World Season 1, and permanently at that! You can expect the very first episode "Flame and Frost" to make its glorious return this April 19th, 2022.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as these 'new' episodes won't be a simple copy of the old ones. Instead, they will bring with them a variety of improvements inspired by the last decade of Guild Wars 2, and most importantly of all, some additional bits of lore to help flesh out the characters and setting!

As an additional little bonus, the April 19th update will also bring with it the very first Challenge Mode Strike Mission for the new End of Dragons expansion. Just like the name would suggest, the Challenge Mode will feature significantly more complex mechanics and will require a fair bit of coordination from the players in order to beat, though it will more than compensate for that with increased rewards!

You can learn a little bit more about this, as well as Guild Wars 2's plans for the future, over at the official website.