Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire screenshot of the new Roller Beetle mount

After being slightly delayed due to the sheer amount of content arriving alongside it, Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 4: Episode 3 - Long Live the Lich is set to arrive next week, on June 26th. Besides having a ridiculously long title, Episode 3 will bring with it a new chapter of the ongoing "Living World" storyline, an expansive new map to explore, a new legendary item, and perhaps most importantly of all, a surprisingly adorable Roller Beetle mount to acquire and immediately paint over!

If you're wondering what exactly all of this might look like in gameplay terms, wonder no more as the developers have just posted a brief trailer. It's well worth checking out, if only for the new mount alone!

In order to prepare you for the upcoming content, Living World Season 4 adventures will be half the regular price until June 27th. Furthermore, both the standard and deluxe editions of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and its associated bundles will be 50% off. I wouldn't recommend the deluxe edition as it's mostly just fluff, but as you'll see in my review, I do believe that Path of Fire itself is well worth a playthrough, especially if you can get it at a deep discount.

Once more information gets revealed, most likely alongside the release of the update itself, I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, I would highly recommend you level up your Season 4 mastery as you'll most likely need it to acquire the new beetle mount.