Guild Wars 2 screenshot of the upcoming Skyscale dragon mount

Out of all the games I've played, Guild Wars 2 has the most unique and exciting mounts. Not only do they have their own personalities and are fun to ride around on, but much like weapons and abilities in a Metroidvania game, each one offers a distinct advantage that you can use to navigate the environment and engage enemies.

With that in mind, I am extremely happy to say that Guild Wars 2 will soon be getting the Skyscale, a flying dragon mount that can climb walls and breathe fire! If that sounds as awesome to you as it does to me, then mark May 14th on your calendar as that's when Guild Wars 2's Episode 6 – War Eternal will be swooping in.

Besides the brand new mount to toy around with, War Eternal will also add a giant new map to explore, an upgradable armor set to collect, as well as a legendary greatsword that changes form depending on what sort of attack you use. There will also be a continuation of Episode 5's storyline, though given how that one ended, I'm afraid I can't exactly tell you much more about Episode 6 without potentially spoiling things.

If you're really curious about what the War Eternal episode will be about, you'll find the recently posted trailer down below. Once again, only watch it if you've played the previous episodes, because it really does contain heavy spoilers! Here's the video:

Much like the previous episodes, War Eternal will be entirely free for everyone that owns the Path of Fire expansion, and will remain free until the next episode. As such, if you haven't already picked up Episode 5 for free, this is pretty much your last chance, so do make sure to do so before May 14th.

Once the War Eternal update goes live I'll make sure to let you know, but until then I hope you have fun with the story so far!