Guild Wars 2 screenshot of the Skyscale mount

If you're as much of a fan of Guild Wars 2's mounts as I am, you might be glad to hear that Episode 6 - War Eternal has now brought with it the second flying mount - the Skyscale. Unlike the Griffon which needs to already be on an elevated position in order to get any flying done, the Skyscale will allow you to cling to sheer cliffs in order to climb them, after which you'll be able to spread your wings and explore the world from the skies. It really is a pretty cool mount!

The update has also added a brand new storyline to experience, and as is tradition, another giant map to explore with your new mount. There will also be an upgradeable armor set to collect, a legendary greatsword that changes form depending on what sort of attack you're using, as well as a bunch of other collectibles to keep yourself busy with.

If you're curious about what the War Eternal story will be about, as well as how the characters are dealing with the events that transpired in the previous episode, you will find the recent trailer right below. Just make sure you don't watch it until you've finished all of the previous episodes, because there are quite a few heavy spoilers ahead. You have been warned:

Like all of the previous episodes, War Eternal is entirely free to grab. So simply head on over to Guild Wars 2, accept the small pop-up that appears in the bottom right of your screen, and you'll be exploring all of the new content in no time. Have fun!