Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons artwork for Mechinist, Specter and Untamed

[Update #2]: ArenaNet has announced sweeping changes to all nine of the upcoming elite specializations.

[Update]: End of Dragons' fourth beta event is arriving on November 30, 2021 alongside the Siege Turtle mount!

Guild Wars 2's third expansion End of Dragons is set to launch this February 2022, bringing with it the much-anticipated continent of Cantha. Besides a bunch of new areas to explore, End of Dragons will also add a combat-focused turtle mount that seats two players, a variety of endgame content, both a fishing profession and player-controlled boats, as well as nine new specializations to toy around with.

Best of all, as a part of a currently ongoing beta event, three of those specializations are currently available for testing: the Thief based Specter, the Engineer based Mechinist, and the Ranger based Untamed. Here's a brief rundown of what each of them is all about:

The whole beta event will last through October 30, so if you're eager to give the new classes a try you might want to jump in as soon as possible. Speaking of which, it's also worth mentioning that the beta event is entirely free for everyone. You don't need to own End of Dragons or even Guild Wars 2 itself. All it takes is to launch the game, create a new beta character, and you'll be good to go.

Have fun with the new trio, and if you're interested in learning more you should head on over to the Guild Wars 2 website.