Guild Wars 2 artwork for the Bladesworn

[Update #2]: The third End of Dragons beta is coming this October 26, 2021 with the Mechinist, Specter and Untamed

[Update]: Guild Wars 2's Shadow of the Mad King Halloween event is coming this October 5, 2021!

During the first End of Dragons beta event Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet gave us a brief taste of three new specializations: the Mesmer based Virtoso, Guardian based Willbender, and Necromancer based Harbinger. Since that beta event ended up being a huge success, ArenaNet has now returned with a brand new batch of specializations to toy around with!

From today until September 25 you'll be able to check out the fine details behind the Elementalist based Catalyst, Warrior based Bladesworn, and Revenant based Vindicator. As for what exactly the trio look like in action, that you can find out through the recently posted trailers. Have a gander:

Much like before, this beta event is entirely free for everyone to enjoy, even those that have never played Guild Wars 2 before. All you need to do in order to participate is to install the game, create a beta character of your choice, and jump into the world with all of the abilities already unlocked and ready to go.

As an additional little bonus, this update has also brought with it the long-awaited DirectX 11 support. While the benefits will vary depending on your PC, enabling the DirectX 11 option in the graphics menu will highly likely increase your FPS and make the combat feel just a bit smoother when running alongside large crowds of players. In my case I gained ~15 FPS and a noticeably smoother camera during world bosses, so it's definitely something I'd recommend you enable.

Have fun with the new specializations, and once the next big preview goes live I'll make sure to let you know.