Guild Wars 2 screenshot for the Christmas themed Wintersday update

[Update #2]: Guild Wars 2's late November update rebalanced many underperforming classes with endgame PvE and PvP in mind.

[Update]: Guild Wars 2's Halloween flavored Shadow of the Mad King festival has now arrived.

In an effort to keep the community in the loop about future content updates and major additions, the Guild Wars 2 team has now announced the Fall & Winter 2022 roadmap. The first item on the list is the return of the highly popular and Halloween themed event Shadow of the Mad King. Expect to see an assortment of spooky cosmetics and decorations to mess around with, the Mad King's Labyrinth to endlessly farm for candy-shaped goodies, a devious jumping puzzle to conquer, as well as a couple of fun races to help spice things up a bit. 

Then, on November 8th, Guild Wars 2 will bring with it the remastered version of the long-lost final episode of Living World Season 1 - Battle for Lion's Arch. This will be a permanent addition to the game, and one that is free for all players. Best of all, the episode will also come with a brand new Strike Mission to undertake: Old Lion's Court!

Guild Wars 2: Living World Season 1 - Battle for Lion's Arch official artwork

A small teaser of things to come

Afterwards, the next big balance update will launch on November 29th. While the previous two patches were mostly focused on high-end PvE and PvP content respectively, the November 29th update will try to spread the love to all of the game modes. What exactly this means, that you'll have to wait a little while to find out as previews will only be going live at some point mid-November.

The good news doesn't end there, however, as the November 29th update will also bring with it a challenge mode version of the aforementioned Old Lion's Court strike. And for those of you that think lugging around weapons made out of fire and lava is a brilliant idea, there's even going to be Primordus legendary skin variants to collect!

As for the final update of the year, that one will arrive on December 13th to unleash the Christmas themed Wintersday event. You can look forward to new weapon skins and minis to collect, a whole bunch of silly mini-games and jumping puzzles to overcome, and naturally, copious amounts of presents and holiday knickknacks to vacuum up into your inventory!

Once each of these updates go live I'll make sure to let you know. Until then, you can read a few more tidbits about Guild Wars 2's future over at the official roadmap.