Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival screenshot of crocodiles in the rapids

If you're a fan of Guild Wars 2's jumping puzzles, or just platformers so brutally difficult that you often can't decide between shouting for joy or tearing your hair out, you might be interested to hear that the Super Adventure Festival has now arrived once more! It will last until April 19th, so if you're up for exploring a brand new and highly pixelated world, make sure to visit any of the major cities as they all have a convenient portal to the Super Adventure Box.

Since trying to explain the Super Adventure Box through words alone is always going to be a bit of a pointless task, allow me to share with you the latest developer stream. The video is little bit on the long side, but even if you only watch for a couple of minutes you'll still get a pretty darn good idea whether the Super Adventure Box is something you'd enjoy or not. Have a gander:

Personally, this is my favorite festival in Guild Wars 2 as it offers an entirely different gameplay experience. Sure, the ultra-hardcore Tribulation Mode is frequently frustrating and has definitely made me ragequit a few times over the years, but much like Super Meat Boy it's also incredibly satisfying once you finally manage to beat it. Oh, and it also helps that you get some downright awesome weapon cosmetics for learning all of the tricks!

You can learn more about the Super Adventure Festival by visiting either the official website or the Wiki. Have fun!