Guacamelee! 2 official artwork and logo

The highly colorful and Mexican themed Metroidvania Guacamelee! 2 was announced for the PS4 during last year's Paris Games Week. Very little new information has arrived since then, but I am glad to say that the developers have now officially confirmed that a PC version is in the works as well!

This announcement came alongside a brief new trailer showing off the PC version in action, so if you're interested you'll find the video right below. Just don't get too excited about new gameplay footage as it appears to be pretty much the same scenes as the previous trailer. Anyway, have a look:

There is currently no release date set for Guacamelee! 2, but according to the newly launched Steam page it's set to arrive "soon". Once we get an actual date I'll make sure to update you, but until then you can follow Guacamelee! 2's development moving forward, or just learn a little bit more about it, by heading over to the official website.

And since I can offer you very little else due to a lack of concrete information, allow me to send you off with a couple of colorful images. Just for good measure!

Guacamelee! 2 screenshot of a co-op boss fight

Guacamelee! 2 screenshot of a golden chicken temple

Guacamelee! 2 screenshot of a fight with tons of enemies