GTA V mod brings with it the hacking system from Ubisoft's Watch Dogs

I think everyone will agree that the hacking was by far the best part of Watch Dogs. Messing with traffic lights and watching devastating pile-ups occur never stopped being entertaining despite the overall game losing its luster towards the end.

If you're of a similar opinion you'll be happy to hear that JulioNIB has created a mod for GTA V that introduces the very same hacking system Watch Dogs had in to a much more polished open world game with some great results. Here's a short video showcasing the mod in action:


As you can see from the video a lot of love and care went in to this mod because it looks pretty damn authentic. Obviously it isn't a 1:1 copy of the Watch Dogs system nor do all of the hacks behave the same way given that these are two completely different game engines but overall I'm rather impressed, especially since the mod also adds new fun hacks to mess around with such as the exploding ATMs and phones.

If you were wondering about the Aiden character model showcased in the video its not a part of the hacking mod itself. It is instead a stand-alone mod made by GTAFREAk67S who did a rather good job with both the model and different outfits you can use. You can find the download link and installation instructions here.

The installation instructions for the hacking mod are, as you might imagine, slightly more complex and you'll need to do some fiddling around before you can get it to work. You can find the instructions over here though bear in mind you will need to install two prerequisite plugins first and while all of this isn't terribly difficult be prepared to spend a bit of time getting everything to run properly.