GTA V Online's latest adversary mode Rhino Hunt is available this week

If your first thought was a versus mode where one team plays as rhinos and the other as poachers then I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you.

The Rhino Hunt event is instead a new adversary mode where a team of players armed with sticky bombs and driving dune buggies attempts to take down the most dangerous of pray, the heavily armored Rhino tanks.

You will be able to play the new adversary mode in three locations spread out all across the city though Rockstar didn't specify where exactly they are so if you're interested you'll just have to don your safari hat and give it a try.

TheRhino Hunt week will last from February 26th till March 3rd and as a bonus incentive to test out your tracking skills you will be gaining double GTA$ and RP while in event maps.

Finally, the in-game store is also having a sale for the duration of the event featuring:

- Warstock Cache & Carry – 25% off

- Merryweather Services – 25% off

- Rifle Mmmo – 50% off

- Select Weapon Attachments – 50% off

- Heists Tactical Gear – 50% off