Grounded screenshot of a spider attack

[Update #2]: After two years in Early Access, Grounded will be launching in full on September 27th, 2022.

[Update]: Update 0.4 has now gone live, and as expected, it's a pretty good one!

While Grounded's updates might not sound all that bombastic due to how mundane all of the new stuff really is, they are still remarkably fun to experience once miniaturized. Last time around Obsidian greatly expanded the hedge and added ziplines, while the next update will almost entirely focus on the pond and the areas surrounding it.

You can expect to see aggressive koi fish that would love to make a snack out of you, and just in case you thought the world just doesn't have enough spiders to chase you around, a brand new diving bell spider as well! On the positive side, there will also be tadpoles and the always-peculiar water boatmen insects, both of which will rather chill out and mind their own business than nibble on your face.

As you might imagine given the new additions, there will also be plenty of new recipes and items you can craft from their bits. These include things like the koi armor and bone trident, as well as much more exciting things like buoyant foundations and a bubble helmet to help make the pond a real home.

As is tradition, Update 0.4 will also bring with it a variety of balance tweaks and bug fixes. You can find the full list of changes, as well as get a small overview of all the new content, over at the PTR patch notes.

If you prefer to get your hands dirty, or wet in this case, it's also worth mentioning that all of this is currently available on the Public Test Servers, which is kind of like Early Access for a game that's already in Early Access. So if you don't mind the occasional bug or broken feature, you can head on over to the Grounded forums and help Obsidian out by testing out all of the new content before it gets fully released. Enjoy!