Grim Dawn's 7th mastery the Inquisitor artwork

If you're looking for an excuse to put in a couple more hours into Grim Down before its expansion finally arrives in 2017, you'll be glad to hear that the most recent patch has added a brand new "roguelike dungeon". The newly introduced and apparently massive The Fall of Valbury dungeon brings with it 4 new monster Infrequents, 2 new Unique items, 6 new bosses and mini-bosses to die against, and naturally, a bunch of new lore to uncover.

For those of you wondering about the full patch notes, you can find them by heading over to the official website. But if you just want to check out what awaits in Port Valbury, you can begin your adventure by heading to the Conflagration which lies northeast of Homestead. Additionally, those Honored with the Outcast may also want to pay her a visit, though I'm not exactly sure what awaits you once you do.

While I won't go into all of the new balance changes, it is important to mention that the leveling process has been made slightly easier. XP gains have been increased by 5-10% (less at lower levels, more at higher), the enemies have been rebalanced to offer a much more consistent damage output rather than infrequent high-damage spikes, and best of all, level 20-55 melee weapons now attack slightly quicker! As you can see these aren't massive changes, but they will go a long way towards making the new player experience much more pleasant, and with the upcoming expansion promising even greater challenges that is a good thing indeed.

As for the expansion, the developers recently unveiled Grim Dawn's seventh Mastery - the Inquisitor (pictured above)! If you'd like to find out what exactly the Inquisitor is capable of head on over to the announcement post. And if you're itching to learn even more about the expansion, I'm afraid you're going to have to wait until January 9th as the developers are currently on a well deserved holiday. Until then, have fun with dying in Port Valbury!

Grim Dawn's 7th mastery Inquisitor screenshot of the lightning spell