After years in development Grim Dawn is now finally content complete

Grim Dawn is an ARPG that has been in development for many years now, before Path of Exile or Diablo 3 were even specs on the horizon. It started off as a small pet project by a couple of old Titan Quest developers but after its Kickstarter campaign and Early Access release the scope and development speed increased rapidly.

And now, after all these years of waiting Grim Dawn is fully content complete after its latest update brought in the finale, tons of new legendary items, a new roguelike dungeon and much more.

I'll list the most important changes here but if you want to read it all head over to the official patch notes.

- The Finale of Grim Dawn is now available! Venture into the Necropolis and thwart the vile plans of the Cult of Ch'thon as they seek to resurrect the Herald of Ch'thon and usher in the end times.

- With the defeat of the final boss, you can now restart the game on Elite and Ultimate difficulty. Expect grave challenges as you engage Grim Dawn at its most difficult.

- The Bastion of Chaos, Grim Dawn's second Roguelike Dungeon, is now available for you to explore. Delve into the depths of the Void and face off against some of its most cruel denizens.

- With the release of all of the game's content, the level cap has been increased to 85. Note that the level ranges on normal have been adjusted to match the release of additional difficulties.

- Legendary items are now available and will begin dropping above level 50. Over 240 Legendaries are available for you to find.

- 246 low level Epic items have been recreated as Empowered high level versions to provide more loot variety above level 50 and to bring back your favorites from the lower levels.

With Grim Dawn now content complete the next patch, scheduled for early 2016, will focus on balance changes, bug fixes and overall polish in order to finally bring the game out of Early Access in February.

Personally I still can't believe this is actually happening. Back in the dark ages, some 5-6 years ago, there simply weren't any ARPGs out there, not even bad ones. Then out of nowhere, one of the main Titan Quest developers announced that he is working on a spiritual successor and showcased some rather exciting gameplay footage.

It might have taken way longer than anyone could've expected but Grim Dawn seems to be finally here and I can't wait to try it out once all of the big bugs get ironed out and the game leaves Early Access.