Grim Dawn's official artwork

Grim Dawn is a customization-focused ARPG modeled after genre classics such as Titan Quest and Diablo 2. After many, many years in development it had finally opened its doors to the world on February 25, but thankfully its first big content update has been much more timely.

The creatively named Update brings with it a whole bunch of new lore, 5 bosses, a new dungeon, 3 new "Monster Infrequents", as well as 7 new Unique items. Along with this you can expect to see changes to the modding tools, general rebalancing, itemization fixes, and... a foot surgery for the male character in order to shrink down on boot sizes.

If you're interested in the full patch notes and the horde of numbers that comes with it, you can find them by heading over to the official forums. Do be warned, however, as Update (really rolls off the tongue) has brought with it a fairly annoying issue - you can't change the language settings. It will get hotfixed soon enough, but until then don't mess with the settings or you might just end up with your game stuck on Chinese for the foreseeable future.

For those of you that have no idea what Grim Dawn is all about, here's the relatively recent launch trailer to hopefully clue you in: