The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine screenshot

The Sun is scorching, the air appears to be made out of 90% water, and the AC has become my lifeline... in other words, summer has arrived. Its not all that bad, however, as GOG's big Summer Sale has just begun, and it represents a splendid reason for not leaving the house.

New deals will arrive every 24 hours, but I would suggest you don't delay as the Witcher 3 is currently 50% off, the classic XCOM games are 75% off, and a whole bunch of classic D&D games are 66% off. As for the sale itself, it will last for 14 days and end on June 22, at 12:59 PM UTC (a rather specific number, I must say).

Every single purchase you make, alongside other simple tasks such as adding games to your wishlist, will grant you a certain amount of experience. The more you gain, the more free games you will unlock. The first one on the list is Spelunky at 5000 experience required, then Gabriel Knight: Sins of Our Fathers at 15000, and finally Dreamfall Chapters: Season Pass at a whopping 30000 experience required. You can learn more about this, and how exactly you can collect all these shiny points, by heading to the FAQ page.

As an added bonus, for the next few days everyone will be able to grab a free copy of System Shock 2 (excellent game, but make sure to mod it first) simply by using the GOG Galaxy client. Have fun!