SOMA screenshot of a damp cavern

If you're looking for a reason to stay out of the bitter cold, you might be interested to hear that GOG is currently running a giveaway for the rather excellent sci-fi horror game SOMA. If you're curious, simply head on over to their website, click on the giant "get it free" button, and prepare yourself for a bit of an... unusual journey.

The only catch is that, due to the aforementioned bitter cold, I am a little bit late in getting this announcement out. As such, you only have about ~10 hours in order to claim your free copy of SOMA, so if you're even remotely interested, I would highly recommend you take GOG up on their offer.

If you that don't deal well with horror, however, worry not as SOMA also has a Safe Mode where you can explore the world and enjoy its story at your leisure. The enemies will still be mucking around so you'll get to see what the 'actual' game is all about, but they will be far less aggressive and significantly easier to deal with. A bit of a strange inclusion for a horror game, that's for sure, but in SOMA's case it works quite nicely given the heavy focus on storytelling.

You can learn more about SOMA, as well as grab yourself a copy, by visiting GOG. Have fun, and here's a trailer for the Safe Mode, just for good measure: