Giants: Citizen Kabuto is a truly strange game, but it is free on GOG right now

I've tried Giants: Citizen Kabuto once before and let me tell you, despite playing it, I still have no idea what this game is supposed to be about exactly. It has space marines, sea witches, Kaiju, base building, tons of humor and both first person and third person shooting. How do you even begin to describe such a thing?

While it didn't sell well when it first released, Giants: Citizen Kabuto became a bit of a cult classic over the years. And given that its currently free on GOG I'd suggest you go and pick it up, you might enjoy its strange charms.

Its gameplay is separated in to a single player campaign and a PvP multiplayer mode.

In the campaign you will play as all three of the races (so the marines, the sea creatures, and the big monster) through a rather well written and funny story, if my memory still serves me. What I do distinctly remember is that each of the factions in the campaign plays completely differently so it should be an unique experience playing through each of them.

But the main purpose of the campaign is to introduce you to the game's mechanics which will be used in the insanity that is the multiplayer mode. It is a team-based free for all where each of the factions engages in a brawl for dominance. The marines are weak individually but have access to some really nifty techno gadgets while the sea witches are more orientated towards magic and stealth. The big guy, the so called Kabuto, he just smashes things and it is every bit as cathartic as you might imagine.

As I said, I haven't played it enough to give you a detailed overview but I can tell you that Giants: Citizen Kabuto is funny, fun and right now completely free. So give it a try, you might find this particular brand of crazy to be to your liking.