Shadow Warrior 2 official multiplayer screenshot

GOG, formerly known as Good Old Games, are currently celebrating a rather impressive milestone that is undoubtedly going to make some of you feel very, very old - their 10th anniversary! And in order to get everyone into the festive spirit, GOG are also currently giving away the co-op focused shooter Shadow Warrior 2 for free.

The only catch is that I am unfortunately a bit late with this announcement, meaning that the whole promotion is set to end in a mere 15 hours. So if you're even remotely curious, head on over to GOG and grab yourself a copy. Once you claim it you'll be able to play Shadow Warrior 2 whenever you want, so don't worry about having to install it right now or anything like that.

As for whether it's actually worth it or not, you'll find my detailed thoughts in a review I did around launch. Long story short, "Shadow Warrior 2 does not have a single mature bone in its body, but I can't deny that it still has a certain charm to it. No matter how bad the puns get, or how obnoxious Lo Wang becomes, it is simply impossible to hate. It also helps that the action is downright terrific, with both the melee and ranged weapons packing one hell of a punch, and it all being up to you to decide when and how you want those demons obliterated."

And just for good measure, I'll leave you with one of the trailers. Have fun, and don't forget to get a friend to play with you - it's much better that way!