GOG artwork for the Halloween Sale 2017

If you've somehow managed to avoid all of the various sales this month and you're looking to fill out your backlog, you're in luck as GOG's annual Halloween Sale has now begun. The special 'gimmick' this time around is that if you spend $15 or more you will get Tales from the Borderlands for free, which is actually a pretty damn amazing gift since Tales from the Borderlands is a remarkably charming adventure game.

For those of you that aren't exactly sure what to grab throughout the sale, allow me give you a brief list of games I would definitely buy again if I didn't already own them. That said, I'm primarily going to be focusing on the depth of the discount, so while there are some awesome high-priced games out there, I'll try and ignore them in favor of older, cheaper, and just as good ones. Anyway, here's the list:

• Dead Space (-80% / €3,40)

• The Walking Dead: Season 1 (-70% / €6.40)

• Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition (-80% / €3.40)

• Darkest Dungeon (-60% / €8.50)

• Hotline Miami (-80% / €1.70)

• Outlast (-85% / €2.60)

• SOMA (-75% / €6.40)

• Grim Fandango Remastered (-74% / €3.40)

This is only the tip of the iceberg, however, so I would highly recommend you browse through the sale yourself as well. There are tons of good old games (heh) that are so cheap they're basically free, so if you haven't played some of them already its well worth picking them up now, especially since you can get all of the DLC bundled in as well. Have fun, and don't forget to claim your free Tales from the Borderlands if you spend $15!