Gigantic's Eternal Dawn update golden skins screenshot

Gigantic's second major update "Eternal Dawn" has now arrived to both Xbox One and Windows 10. It has brought with it a new melee support hero by the name of Zandora, competitive leaderboards, a variety of new weapon and hero skins, as well as the mighty Storm Drake.

If you're looking for a brief glimpse at all of these new features you'll find the recently posted preview trailer down below. It doesn't really go in depth about any of the topics, but it should give you a general idea of what the Eternal Dawn update has brought to the table. Have a look:

The most exciting part of this update is definitely the new hero Zandora. She is a melee/support hybrid that focuses primarily on auras to empower herself and her allies. What this allows her is to quickly switch between offense, defense, and mobility, essentially giving her an 'easy' answer to any potential problem. Knowing how and when to activate each aura is going to be the tricky part, however, so be prepared to spend some time getting used to Zandora's mechanics before you really start to dominate.

Besides all of the cool new features, the Eternal Dawn update has also brought with it a whole host of balance changes and bug fixes. There is a ton of it to go through, so if you have a bit of free time and a lot of interest head on over to the official website. And finally, here's a couple of images of Zandora in action:

Zandora from Gigantic using her stab attack

Zandora from Gigantic using her energy slice attack

Zandora from Gigantic either powering up her sword, or projecting a barrier