Ghost Recon: Breakpoint screenshot of an ambush in the forest

[Update]: Ubisoft has now released an extremely detailed list of PC system requirements and recommendations for Ghost Recon Breakpoint!

During the recent Gamescom stream Ubisoft has announced that the upcoming Ghost Recon Breakpoint will feature two PvP modes for players to compete in. The first will be Elimination, a team deathmatch mode where the constantly shrinking map area will force players to get into increasingly more desperate battles as the match progresses.

Sabotage, the second PvP mode, will be an asymmetrical mode with quite a few similarities to Counter-Strike. In other words, one team will need to successfully detonate a bomb at one of two bomb sites, while the other team will have to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening. A fairly simple game mode, but certainly an exciting one if properly balanced.

As for the actual content, players will be able to choose between four different classes (Assault, Sharpshooter, Medic and Panther) and six distinct maps. As you might imagine from their names alone, each of the classes will fulfill a specific role, and your success will depend quite heavily on combining all of their abilities and tricks in the best way possible.

You can get a little bit of an idea of what this might look like in gameplay terms, as well as what each of the classes has to offer, through the recently posted teaser trailer. Have a gander, it's a fairly short one:

You can learn more about Ghost Recon Breakpoint ahead of its October 4th release date, as well as sign up for the beta, over at the official website. Good luck with the beta key!