Ghost of a Tale screenshot of a small mouse in a terrifying world

Ghost of a Tale is a stylish action-RPG starring an adorable little mouse in a large and terrifying world. Given our main character's diminutive size the gameplay is mostly focused around utilizing stealth and disguises to avoid enemies, as well as manipulating the environment in order to secure a hidey-hole or to fight back. A fairly simple concept, yet one that ended up being highly enjoyable.

Unfortunately, while Ghost of a Tale's gameplay was enthralling enough to earn it a 93% approval rating on Steam, some of the later areas were so riddled with bugs and glitches that it was sometimes more infuriating than fun. You could even encounter an invisible wall preventing you from moving across an area you already explored, thus forcing a reload and wasting your time in the most annoying way possible. Thankfully, the most recent update has come to the rescue!

Ghost of a Tale screenshot of an adorable mouse

Good thing too, because Ghost of a Tale is too adorable to be buggy!

"It (the patch) takes care of the vast majority of the remaining bugs," the lead and only full-time developer SeithCG said in a brief announcement on Steam. "I won’t hide that it’s been a very intense period, with a lot of work and very little sleep."

If you're wondering why exactly he 'waited' until release in order to hunt down all of these pesky bugs, SeithCG simply noted that a dozen people testing the game on and off over the course of a few months were simply no match to what thousands of people could find within a mere few days.

"When I realized what was happening it was obviously too late to say 'whoops, sorry I’ll put it back in the fridge for moment'. The fact that most sounds didn’t play in the second half of the game furthermore gave the impression that it wasn’t finished. And that sucked. Of course, 95% of the people who play Ghost of a Tale love it and that feels great. But I’m painfully aware that early adopters (including reviewers to this day) played with builds that were just not at the technical level they should have been. Which was particularly frustrating after an excellent run in early access."

"Today, exactly 11 days after release, the game is what it should have been right from the start. So let this serve as an apology to the players who felt the game was not up to their technical standards when it launched, and an invitation to those who've been waiting to come and visit the world of Ghost of a Tale!"

If you would like to give Ghost of a Tale a look, or just check out the full list of changes, you should head on over to Steam.