Genital Jousting official screenshot of the new outfits

Very rarely can you perfectly describe a game by its title alone, but when it comes to Genital Jousting there is simply no other way to do so. Its literally a bunch of penises competing in a variety of mini-games, and yes, this includes genital jousting!

Naming conventions aside, in celebration of 200,000 copies sold the developers have released a "throbbing orgy of new content". What they mean by this is six new party games for local and online co-op, as well as five stylish new outfits to make your virtual penis the fanciest in all the land. If you're wondering what any of this madness might look like in gameplay terms, here's the recently posted update trailer:

As a side note, if you have any artistic talent and a penchant for drawing silly penises you might want to check out the Genital Jousting fan art contest. The contest isn't a joke by the way, and there are some really nice cash prizes available for the winners, so make sure to at least give it a look.

If you would like to learn more about the mystic art of Genital Jousting, or what exactly this update has brought to the table, you should head over to either Steam or the official website. That said, just keep in mind that Genital Jousting is still in Steam Early Access, so even though the game appears fully complete it might be prone to bugs and issues.