Close up screenshot of our protagonist from Gears of War 5

Microsoft has gone all out with Gears of War announcements during this year's E3. Not only have they unveiled Gears of War 5 as a new mainline game, but they have also announced two spin-off games: Gears Pop, a mobile-only game, and Gears Tactics, a potentially quite interesting strategy game.

Very few details are available about the latter two, but what I can tell you about Gears of War 5 is that it will be the biggest Gears game created so far, while also being able to run in 4K resolution at a smooth 60 frames per second. Technical stuff aside, you might be more interested to hear that Gears of War 5 will have both online and local split-screen co-op for every game mode. Now that is a welcome feature!

What might come as a bit of a surprise is that the two Gears of War 5 trailers are not focused around the action the series is famous for, but rather on the story and the characters. It would appear that Microsoft is really trying to make a compelling narrative this time around, though whether such an effort is misguided or not I suppose we'll see in 2019 when Gears of War 5 finally releases for both PC and Xbox One.

And with that said, I'll leave you with the two trailers. The first one is a lengthy cinematic trailer, while the second one actually shows off some gameplay. Enjoy!