Funcom has announced plans for three new Conan the Barbarian games that are supposed to be announced in 2016

If it took you a few moments to even remember Age of Conan exists you aren't the only one. I had to Google to even see if its still around and as it turns out AoC found its new home on Steam to a rather small crowd of around 1000 players a week, an unsurprising number considering how poorly received it was on launch.

What does surprise me is that Funcom has decided to enter a partnership with the aptly named "Conan Properties" for three Conan the Barbarian based titles that will be announced in 2016.

 Here's what the two parties had to say about the upcoming Conan games:

Funcom - "We are tremendously excited to be strengthening our relationship with Conan Properties, Conan the Barbarian is undoubtedly one of the world's greatest and most recognizable fantasy heroes, and as game developers, working with such a character and being able to draw from the fantastically detailed world of Hyboria is nothing short of a dream come true."

Conan Properties - "Working with Funcom through the years has been a rewarding and very enjoyable journey. Making them our for all PC and console games based on 'Conan the Barbarian' is the next step on that great journey. Funcom has shown they are more than capable of managing the rich heritage of Conan and to breathe new life into the world of Hyboria, and we are thrilled to be working together on new, exciting projects."

I find this all a bit odd because the last time poor old Conan has been relevant was decades ago as all recent Conan-related things ended up being disasters. But who knows, maybe Funcom and Conan Properties have some great ideas that will catapult Conan back in to the public's view, or perhaps they're just interested in squeezing every last penny out of a great franchise. This is a question that we'll only be able to answer once they start announcing the games in 2016.

But don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on the idea of there being more Conan games, quite the contrary, I would love to see more of them. Hyboria, the world Conan inhabits is a really fascinating place and I would love to be able to explore it. Even Age of Conan, for all of its flaws, managed to impress me with its depiction of Tortage.

So yeah, I would love to see more Conan games, as long as they are any good, naturally. As of right now there is not a single spec of information on the actual games so all we can do is wait and hope that Conan gets the treatment he deserves.