Full Throttle Remastered screenshot from the trailer

Over two decades have passed since LucasArts' Full Throttle first appeared, and if you've never given it a try you'll soon have a chance to correct that 'mistake'. According to the newest announcement Full Throttle Remastered will be making an appearance on April 18th for the PC, PS4, and PS Vita.

The remastered version will bring with it brand new hand-drawn artwork, high resolution animations and backgrounds, as well as higher quality music to make all of those hours spent on the open road that much more enjoyable. But if you just wish to take a trip down memory lane, worry not as Full Throttle will also have an option to toggle between the new and old versions at will!

As a final note, here's some footage showcasing what the remastered version is going to look like. There is unfortunately very little actual gameplay on display, but the video should still give you a pretty good idea of what Full Throttle is like. Enjoy!