Frozen Synapse 2 has been announced alongside a new screenshot

The original Frozen Synapse might be one of the most unique and well made strategy games in the "recent" years. The fact that both players take their turns simultaneously adds an immense amount of depth as you have to consider both your plans and those of your opponent's. In short, it was and still is a really fun game that's well worth the time and effort it takes to "git gud" at it.

And if you've managed to master the small-ish levels of Frozen Synapse I have some exciting news to tell you because Frozen Synapse 2 has just been announced and its going to be focused around open world tactics.

While I'm afraid there isn't much information to share right now the developers Mode 7 did release a nifty screenshot showcasing a much larger and more open-worldy map. The fact that even a chunk of it is already bigger than the majority of Frozen Synapse maps is a great bit of news because even from this screenshot alone I can see a lot of available paths and options.

Frozen Synapse 2 screenshot showcases much larger maps

Unfortunately that's it as far as this announcement goes, but just knowing that Frozen Synapse 2 is coming in 2016 is enough of an appetizer for when the developers finally decide to reveal some actual gameplay details. 

As a final note, you can get an "exclusive" soundtrack from Frozen Synapse 2's composer nervous_tespilot by subscribing to the mailing list on the official website. Once more information gets released I'll make sure to update you.