Screenshot of FromSoftware's newest game trailer Shadows Die Twice.

According to one of their recent tweets, the contents of which are entirely in Japanese by the way, FromSoftware announced that they are not done with the Armored Core series. They didn't share any actual details, but they did politely ask their fans to wait for a little while longer, which as you might imagine has gotten a lot of people excited about an upcoming announcement.

Well, that announcement has now arrived, but what might come as a bit of a surprise is that its not for a new Armored Core game! To be perfectly honest, nobody actually knows what this new game even is, but you can get a tiny little sneak peek through the recently posted trailer. Have a look, but I'd recommend keeping your expectations in check:

Much like the recent Tomb Raider announcement, the only piece of information we have on this new project is a single sentence: "Shadows Die Twice." All of this is pure speculation, but given the imagery and theme present throughout the video I'm guessing this is going to be some sort of dark fantasy game. Whether its going to be a sequel to Bloodborne or something else entirely, nobody outside of FromSoftware currently knows, but given their track record so far I am pretty sure its going to be well worth the wait!

Once more details get revealed I'll make sure to cover it as I'm quite excited myself, but until then I'm afraid all we can do is sit and wait... hopefully not on whatever that thing in the trailer is.