Rambo: The Video Baker Team DLC is coming today (April 19)

I'll be perfectly honest, before seeing this announcement I didn't even know there was a Rambo video game out there, and after doing even a tiny bit of research on it I can see exactly why that was case... its just not very good.

However, the developers are well aware of their less-than stellar reputation, and have decided to release a free piece of DLC two years after the original launch of Rambo: The Video Game both as a much needed content update, as well as an apology to all of the Rambo fans that may have gotten burned. Here's the trailer and what exactly Baker Team brings to the table:


The Baker Team DLC features an original story consisting of three missions set during John Rambo's service as a Green Beret in the Vietnam War. You will be joined by Barry, Messner, and Danforth on a covert operation deep within Viet Cong territory with very little chance of rescue should it all go to hell in a handbasket. 

You will be able to upgrade your Rambo to level 25 (a strong candidate for the most bizarre sentence I've written this year), unlock new weapons and perks to toy around with, but most importantly, play through the entire game with a new difficulty setting called John Rambo, which I'm saddened to report doesn't turn every single enemy in to a Rambo clone.

The free Baker Team DLC will arrive later today (April 19), and in order to play it you will need the vanilla version of Rambo: The Video Game which currently resides at €13/$13 on Steam.

Rambo: The Video Game Baker Team DLC screenshot features a lush jungle and tons of bullets