Savage Resurrection is a modern remake of Savage 1

Back in March S2Games briefly teased their latest project, a supposed sequel to the rather awesome FPS / RTS hybrid Savage in which fearsome beast races clashed with the more technologically advanced humans.

As it turns out, however, the announcement wasn't for Savage 3 but rather for a remake of the original game, a fact that only came to light today when Savage Resurrection appeared on Steam without so much as a peep. If you're wondering what this new/old Savage is all about, here's a brief trailer to enlighten you:


Despite being in an Early Access state Savage Resurrection is fully playable, and is mostly lacking when it comes to map diversity, general polish, bots, and naturally, balance. I haven't personally played it, and I haven't touched Savage in over a decade, so I won't give you any suggestions on whether its worth your time or not, but the reviews do seem to be rather positive so far.

If you're interested in trying out Savage Resurrection you can grab it on Steam for €18,39 which includes the currently ongoing 20% discount. As for the expected release date, that hasn't been announced just yet.

Savage Resurrection's Behemoth hero