Fortnite screenshot of the new Lucky Landing point of interest

It is downright impressive how quickly Epic is balancing and adding content to Fortnite. The last update was a mere two weeks ago, and already there is a new one! The rather plainly named Update V.3.1.0 has now brought with it Lucky Landing as a new point of interest on the southern edge of the island, the Hunting Rifle as a new weapon, as well as some much needed balance changes and bug fixes.

The most important of these new tweaks is the drop rate adjustment for the Burst Assault Rifle, Revolver and Tactical Shotgun. According to Epic this does not change the overall likelihood of finding the weapons, but it does increase your chance of finding a higher rarity version. A small change in the grand scheme of things, but as someone that gets saddled with a common Revolver far too often it's one that I'm quite happy with!

Besides the various battle royale changes, this update has also added new group missions to all theaters in the PvE "Save the World" mode, as well as an additional questline - Brave Beginnings. There is also a brand new weapon in the shape of the Impluse Grenade, as well as a variety of the usual balance changes and bug fixes.

You can read all about these additions, for both the PvE and PvP game modes, by heading over to the official website. Have fun!