Frost Giant Studios official logo

With Blizzard slowly winding down Starcraft 2, there is a very clear RTS-shaped hole in the market that's just begging to be filled. As such, it should come as little surprise to hear that a brand new studio has just been founded with the express purpose of creating classic real-time strategy games.

However, what you might not expect is that the newfound Frost Giant studio is entirely staffed by former Blizzard devs! And not just any developers, mind you, but mostly those that have been in leading roles for Warcraft 3 or Starcraft 2, so the talent is certainly there.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the actual details behind Frost Giant's foray into RTS games, we currently know basically nothing. The only things I can tell you is that the team is aiming to "carry forward the legacy of epic storytelling, innovative co-op gameplay, and celebrated esports that make RTS great."

While we're certainly going to have to wait for quite a long time before Frost Giant's first game is even close to ready, it's still quite comforting to see that RTS as a genre has not entirely given way to its MOBA counterpart. Who knows, between studios like Frost Giant and upcoming games like Age of Empires 4, we might just get a bit of an RTS renaissance as well!

Whatever the case may be, you can keep an eye on Frost Giant over at the official website.