For Honor close up screenshot of a knight

While For Honor might not look like one, it's gameplay is incredibly similar to that of a fighting game. As such, if you decide to jump in without doing a fair bit of research beforehand, you can expect to get completely annihilated over and over again by much more experienced players. So in order to help introduce beginners to the gameplay basics, as well as bridge the skill cap between the playerbase as a whole, Ubisoft has now finally released a comprehensive training mode.

The whole thing consists of four different sections: training media, apprentice trials, warrior trials, and the training arena. The first one is fairly self-explanatory - it's just a place where you can watch all of the various tutorial videos. The second two sections, however, are in-depth guides that will teach you how to perform and counter every single thing For Honor's players could possibly throw at you. A relatively simple concept, but also one that has proven itself quite effective in many fighting games before, so chances are it's going to be pretty darn useful in For Honor as well.

That said, by far the most important aspect of the new training mode is the training arena. It essentially allows you to customize just about any aspect of your and your AI opponent's character, including things such as tweaking their behavior or available skills. So if you ever wanted to practice a very specific scenario, or just 1v2 battles with certain heroes, you now have the means to do just that!

You can learn a little bit more about the training mode and the features it offers over at the official website. And finally, here's the recently posted trailer showing it off in action. Enjoy, and good luck on your path to greatness... or at least the next rank!