For Honor screenshot of a triumphant samurai

Despite For Honor being designed from the ground up with competitive play in mind Ubisoft somehow neglected to add a proper ranked mode to it. That is thankfully going to change in the near future as Ubisoft is currently holding a public test for Duel Tournaments.

Once you join up you will first need to play 20 qualifier matches, after which you will be put into one of the leagues: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Diamond. Each league will then be further divided into five groups to ensure balanced matchmaking, and as you would expect, you'll need to climb from the very bottom to the very top of the league in order to advance to the next one. Its a fairly standard ranked system, but given that For Honor is essentially a fighting game I don't see much of a reason to reinvent the wheel.

You can learn a few more tidbits of information by heading over to the official website, though if you've ever played a competitive game you probably know what this is all about. The public test will conclude on July 4th, after which all of your rewards and progress will be wiped clean, so if you want to get some 'free' practice in make sure to get involved as soon as possible.

While all of these changes are quite excellent, I must admit I'm slightly worried about For Honor's future given that its playerbase has essentially evaporated. I really do hope the ranked mode will manage to have enough active players to offer balanced matchmaking, as the alternative would be... rather disastrous.

Duel Tournaments brackets for the For Honor game