For Honor screenshot of a victorious Samurai

If you've become hooked on For Honor during the two previous 'beta' events, you'll be glad to hear to you won't have to wait for long before you dive in again. On February 14th, or more specifically at 9pm PST/6am CET, Ubisoft's medieval murderfest will finally be unleashed upon the world.

In order to drum up a bit of excitement, and also show tidbits of the singleplayer campaign, Ubisoft has recently posted the launch trailer... which then promptly bugged out and is currently unplayable. Thankfully the folks over at GameSpot have uploaded their own version, so you can still check it out while Ubisoft works out the kinks on their side. Have a look, there's even a random elephant in there somewhere:

And for those of you that aren't sure whether For Honor is something you might be interested in, you can check out my detailed thoughts on the beta by heading over here. Long story short, "if you're heavily into fighting games you're probably going to get a real kick out of For Honor as its combat has some proper depth behind it, but I fear it might end up being nothing more than a passing distraction for the rest of us." In other words, its by no means a bad game, but its audience is far more niche than what you might expect from a Ubisoft game.