Gylt, formerly Stadia exclusive horror adventure, artwork and logo

According to a recent announcement that came so suddenly not even the employees knew about it, Google has decided to shut down their game streaming service Stadia. While the servers will be going down on January 18th, 2023, it's thankfully not all bad news as Google will at least be issuing refunds for all purchases made through their stores.

As you might imagine, this leaves the Stadia-exclusive games in a bit of a rough spot. For a good few of them this will be a death knell as they're simply not popular enough to warrant porting to other platforms, though I'm happy to say that Stadia's very first exclusive, the horror-adventure Gylt, will persevere!

The exact details are still currently few and far between, but Tequila Works' founder and CEO Raúl Rubio Munárriz has announced that Gylt is getting ported to other platforms. So if all goes well, we'll hopefully see Gylt make its way to both PC and consoles at some point in 2023.

I'd love to tell you more, but given how suddenly Stadia got dismantled I can only imagine that even the Tequila Works team is still trying to figure everything out. Once we get some actual information, ideally alongside a release date, I'll make sure to let you know.

Until then, you can read a few tidbits about Gylt and its bizarre world over at the official website. Enjoy!