Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location doll

Even though Scott Cawthon, the main man behind the Five Nighty at Freddy's series, said multiple times now that it would all be over with FNaF 4 it seems that he still has plenty of stories to tell because Five Nights at Freddy's 5, or simply known as Sister Location, is set to arrive this Fall.

While there is very little gameplay information available right now there is a trailer filled with a whole menagerie of new animatronic abominations. Have a look, though don't stare too hard, they might get zesty if you do:

Besides new lore, the one thing I look forward to the most is the introduction of new gameplay mechanics. The FNaF series was pants-wettingly terrifying the first few times around, but after a while you get into a bit of a rhythm (check door, check important doodad, avoid getting face eaten, check door again) and the horror aspects fly right out. Hopefully Sister Location ends up bringing about a small revolution with the whole crawling through vents thing as that to me indicates there's at least a bit of free roaming present.

Whatever the case may be we'll find in the coming months as Sister Location is set to arrive in Fall, though no release date has been given just yet.