Early screenshots from the Sapienza expansion/DLC for Hitman

Hitman's Paris level has been available for a bit over a month now, and while its an expertly crafted map filled with tons of ways to mess up execute your plans, I do believe the majority of players are now ready for a breath of fresh air.

And thankfully such a thing is coming in the near future as the Mediterranean 'Sapienza' expansion arrives on April 26. Here's the trailer, and a couple of newly released screenshots:


You will find all 4 of the screenshots below, and if you're interested in seeing the bigger version of an image, simply click on it. [Update]: The screenshots have been removed from the official website and so the bigger version is now unavailable.

Hitman's Sapienza environments are rather pretty

Hitman's streets of Sapienza

Hitman's Sapienza has a lovely coastline

Hitman's Sapienza expansion brings a potential nuclear reactor in to play

A reactor, or perhaps a research facility?