System Shock 1 Remastered gameplay footage

[Update]: After nearly seven years in development, the System Shock Remake will finally be launching in March 2023!

The original System Shock 1 released over 20 years ago, and if you would attempt to play it today that fact would become apparent very quickly as the gameplay has not aged well.

However, the first gameplay footage from the upcoming System Shock 1 Remaster tells a completely different story. Not only does it look good, but it also seems to be far less clunky as well. Have a look, and I do hope you like jump-cuts:


This is still early alpha footage, so the hilarious enemy animations are not the final version and are bound to be updated in the coming months, but besides a couple of those little quirks I have to say that this is a genuinely impressive effort from the developers. The graphics have been greatly improved while still retaining that special brand of System Shock atmosphere, and smacking robots over the head with a mace is just as liberating as it was back in 1994, what more could one want from a remaster?

While there is currently no release date for the System Shock 1 Remaster, the developers have announced an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, though once again there is no concrete date.

As a final note, here's a brief message the developers Night Dive Studios directed towards System Shock fans:

"After two decades, we are remastering and re-imagining the original System Shock. We will keep the new game true to the classic experience, keeping all the things you loved, while updating the user interface and graphics to use a modern day engine (Unity).

With the help of the original concept artist, the original vision of the Citadel Station and its inhabitants will finally come back to life."