Firewatch screenshot showcasing a ranger tower

For those of you that might not know, Firewatch is a stylish and atmospheric narrative-driven adventure game that allows you to explore that rather lovely wilderness of Wyoming. While it was universally praised for its sense of adventure and wonder, the story in Firewatch is designed in such a way that multiple playthroughs are just not as exciting given how much of the narrative depends on the big 'twist'.

If you found yourself feeling the same way you'll be glad to hear that Firewatch has just recently been updated with a free-roam mode! In other words, you're able to wonder through the Shoshone without a single care in the world or a quest objective to bar you way, and best of all, there's even a dynamic day/night and weather cycle. But if you're not familiar with Firewatch and you're now wondering what all of the fuss is about, allow me to show you one of the recently posted trailers:

There is a bit of a catch to this free-roam mode, however. Its nothing too serious, so don't worry, but you will need to complete the story mode in order to actually unlock free-roam. If you've ever played Firewatch the reasoning behind this decision should be fairly obvious given how visiting areas out of sequence could easily spoil the whole plot. But if you have completed the entirety of Firewatch, you can find the free-roam mode in the special features section of the main menu. Have fun!