Firefall's update 1.6 is set to bring new life to the game

If there ever was a competition for the most mismanaged gaming project Firefall would easily be one of the top contenders. During its development it was scrapped and rebuilt multiple times with each iteration being focusing on a completely different spectrum on gameplay while its marketing campaign spent millions of dollars on absolutely insane stunts such as the infamous Firefall Bus which couldn't even drive.

Thankfully the current team behind Firefall seems a lot more sane and willing to make the game work, as you can see in the recently released Razor's Edge update (1.6) which brought with it a reworked story campaign, new equipment system, plenty of new missions and raids, an arena pvp mode and many more changes. Here's a quick overview:

Existing story missions have been retooled and new narrative-driven dungeons added with the sole purpose of making a more coherent story that presents the Chosen as an actual threat rather than a minor annoyance as you jetpack towards the next bunch of bandits that need slaying.

Along with these story dungeons Firefall is also getting a new PvE mode called Holdout which will function similarly to Horde modes found in other shooters as well as two new operations and three difficulty modes for Epic instanced missions allowing you a greater degree of choice when it comes to endgame content.

To help out new players there's now a bounty system which functions as a daily/weekly mission that will guide players towards the most interesting events appropriate to their level and reward them with some nifty loot if they follow them through.

Firefall's Razor's Edge 1.6 Update is now live and with it plenty of character updates

Things may change but Jetpacks remain forever awesome

All player classes, or battleframes as they're called, have received a thorough balancing pass ensuring that they feel good and powerful at all levels of play. To me personally this is an extremely important change as the last time I played Firefall my Assault class had exactly 1 spell that was even worth the effort it took to press the button. 

Modules have been adjusted so they no longer have a level requirement meaning that if you find a cool new spell modifier you won't have to ditch it shortly afterwards for something boring simply because its more efficient. Weapon & ability modules have also been combined in to one with the idea being to prevent players from being "forced" to carry around multiple sets of modules. The overall idea behind these changes is to allow you to carry the modules you like while still being efficient in combat.

Itemization in general has received a massive rework, the classic power cores are being removed and replaced with a more standard equipment system which should hopefully increase build diversity as well as allow dungeons to drop a lot more loot for players, and as we all know, more loot is never bad.

That's the short version of update 1.6. If you want the full details I'd recommend you head over to the official patch notes, just make sure you take a drink and a snack with you as you'll be there for a while.

And if you've never tried Firefall now would be the time as the influx of new players should guarantee you plenty of folks to play and experience the thrill of jetpacking around with.