Final Fantasy XV PC screenshot of a busy town

The PC version of Final Fantasy XV was announced during the recent gamescom convention, with the developers claiming its going to be far more than a simple PC port. While we obviously can't tell what the final version will play like, the list of features is quite impressive! Final Fantasy XV will come to PC with not only all of the DLC and a first-person mode, but also with support for 4K resolutions and HDR 10, as well as graphical options that can be configured to support resolutions up to a rather ridiculous 8K!

So if you're currently wondering what Final Fantasy XV might look like when all of its graphical settings are maxed out, wonder no more as the recent gameplay trailer showcases just that. Have a look, and do make sure to play the video on the highest quality settings, for obvious reasons:

There is unfortunately no release date available right now, but you can expect to see the PC version of Final Fantasy XV in early 2018. Similarly, there aren't that many details available just yet, but if you would like to learn a little bit more I would recommend heading over to Steam. And finally, allow me to leave you with the original announcement trailer that also shows off some rather lovely PC visuals. Enjoy!