Final Fantasy XV screenshot from the 4K PC version

Back in April of 2016 Final Fantasy XV's director said that he was very excited about making a PC version, but that he couldn't promise anything given how much work still needed to be done for the console release. Furthermore, he stated if his team ever gets the chance to create a PC version of Final Fantasy XV they would make sure its more than a simple port.

As you'll see in the recently posted announcement, he was not joking! Final Fantasy XV will be coming to PC with support for 4K resolutions and HDR 10, as well as graphical options that can be configured to support resolutions up to a rather ridiculous 8K! Besides the graphical improvements, Final Fantasy XV will be arriving on PC with all of the free updates and paid DLC bundled together, as well as with a brand new first-person mode that lets you explore the world through Noctis's eyes.

There is currently no release date available, but you can expect to see the PC version of Final Fantasy XV in early 2018. While there aren't many details available right now, you can seek out a few more tidbits by heading over to Steam. And finally, here's a gorgeous trailer showcasing what the PC version is capable of. Enjoy!