Final Fantasy XIV screenshot of the GARO Dragoon set

If you're a fan of collecting fancy armor sets and mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, but you've been holding off on grabbing the PvP ones, you might want to get on top of that. According to the latest announcement, the rather cool-looking GARO armor sets, mounts and titles will no longer be available once Patch 5.1 arrives.

When exactly Patch 5.1 will actually launch, nobody currently knows, but I'd say October is a pretty good guess. Now that might sound like you have a lot of time, but there is quite a few items to collect if you're planning to get multiple sets, so I would highly recommend starting sooner rather than later.

As for what exactly you have to do, well, that's fairly simple. Do the best you can in PvP matches to collect Wolf Mark which you can then reedem for themed armor sets and weapons at the Disreputable Priest at Wolves’ Den Pier. You'll need quite a few marks for each set, though thankfully it's not as big of a grind as it would seem since you get extra Wolf Marks each day through the Frontline daily.

When it comes to the mounts, things are a bit more tricky. First you'll need to equip a full GARO armor set and matching weapon in order to recieve the appropriate title from the Dispreputable Priest, after which you will need to win a whole bunch of matches to get the mounts themselves. Ten Frontline victories are needed for the first mount, thirty Feast victories are needed for the second, while the third mount will require a combined sixty victories!

You can find the full list of armor sets and mounts over at the FFXIV wiki. Good luck in PvP and make sure to grab the Dragoon set - it looks amazing in-game!